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Welcome to the Hulbert House

The Hulbert House - Celebrating Our 200th Birthday  1812-2012

Welcome to The Historic Hulbert House – Our foundation was laid in 1812, when Iroquois traveled through the the Tug Hill Plateau in search of plentiful deer, duck, trout and bear.


From the original Dutch cooking fireplace to the registers containing such names as General U.S. Grant, General Philip Sheridan, Horace Greeley & General Charles Wheelock, no hotel in Northern New York can boast of such long-lasting and far reaching fame as The Historic Hulbert House. The Tradition Continues… Today, we welcome travelers and famous folks for  lunch, dinner, banquets, parties, for a night or a relaxing informal weekend.



 Your hosts since 1964,  The Daskiewich Family, welcomes you to The Historic Hulbert House. Whether your planning a special event, night out with family & friends or enjoying one of the many Adirondack activities, we will do our best to make your stay memorable and relaxing.

 This is our 200th birthday!  Stop in to visit one of Boonville’s oldest establishments. 

We are rich in history and hospitality.  Our walls sure can talk!

Haunted Collector on SyFy


 We had the experience of a life time just before our 200th year was to begin!  This past December The Syfy Channel’s Haunted Collector came to the Hulbert House! The crew was not disappointed by what they found and experienced, and were able to verify some of our previous paranormal happenings. The team found a very unusual item stuffed into a ceiling cavity on the third floor which they successfully identified and removed from the location. For more information and to watch the drama and suspense unfold, be sure to watch the episode!

The second season of Haunted Collector began on June 6, 2012, and the Hulbert House was featured as Episode 2 on June 13th

You can visit their web site to see the short promo video…a short (3 second) part is from our taping-”there’s a little girl crying out- help me”. You can also watch full episodes of the show, commercials, teaser videos, and much more - CLICK HERE

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January 2013
Happy New Year! 

We have many events in the works. Check back often for the latest schedule!